1. I forgot I was listenening to an impersonator Doug Church is the best Elvis vocalist.

2. As an Elvis fan since the early 70s. This voice is so precise it is fantastic

3. Damn, if you close your eyes its so similar to Elvis that its scary. Nice job Doug!

4. Simply as close as you will hear, and a lovely guy to go with it. So many ETA's could learn so much from watching and listening to Doug. Long Live The King and his Prince

5. I have watched his video about 15 times. I am so impressed at how similar his voice is to Elvis's. The pitch and the the range are so similar.

6. I am an avid Elvis fan. I listen daily to Elvis...  I can tell the difference when I hear it.... and when I heard Doug Church it made my head snap around !  This guy is flippin OUTSTANDING !

7. The best part is that he does stuff Elvis would have, should have and could have recorded. That alone puts him head and shoulders above the others...  Keep it up. When  is Doug coming to the Akron, Ohio area?

8. I'm a big Doug Church fan. I just adore the man. World class ETA and a legend don't you think? A fitting tribute to the King.

9. Doug is still the best! And he is looking great again too.

10 WOW! Fantastic! There's almost no vocal difference. You can discern no effort at all of him trying to imitate Elvis as most Tribute Artists do. What's more, he even looks almost like the King himself

11. The Best Elvis vocals I've ever heard.

12. I am a huge fan of yours. You are just as unique as Elvis. You are not under anyones shadow. A definite equal!

13. Doug Church is the Best. It's exceptional what the man can do!  Marvellous . . . 14. Fantastic! Doug Church is the man!

15.Excellent sound and video... Great! Almost thought it was Elvis himself!

16. Only 2 men have given me goosebumps that I've worked for . . . . One is Elvis himself and the other is Doug Church . . . .. Myrna Smith from the Sweet Inspirations.

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